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Natural Hot Tub Treatment

When we see customers looking for natural hot tub treatments or have them contact us about “chemical free hot tub maintenance”, we are both excited to talk to them and motivated to make sure we are all on the same page.

The truth is that everything from the food we eat to the dirty we grow out vegetables in is made up of chemicals. In fact, we all know that water is a compound made up of two bases chemicals itself. So far, we haven’t had a conversation go in the direct of an H2O free hot tub or spa. Generally, we find ourselves in the familiar conversation about protecting ourselves and our loved ones from harmful toxins and irritants. Frankly, we’re thrilled that the awareness of just how important this issue is to quality of life. Setting aside the issues with some so called, “natural products” containing ingredients like arsenic, a level of public endangerment that we find it hard to fathom, the mainstream culprit with regard to toxins is chlorine. There are a host of other chemicals that are sold to balance this or that problem. Almost all are unnecessary once a reliable non chlorine spa shock and natural hot tub cleaner are in use.

Chemical Free Hot Tub Products

Organic hot hub chemicals is probably a better term than chemical free hot tub products, but the questions remain the same. How do these healthy hot tub chemicals really work? In a word, “Enzymes”!

Our enzyme pack products word in two ways, first the enzymes naturally destroy the disease causing microbes that can grow in your spa or hot tub. This is, in fact, exactly how it works in nature. Because the enzymes found in our products occur within very short distances of the microbes in natural environments like our oceans. Rather than natural hot tub chemicals being in operation, our chemical free hot tub treatment employs the exact same process. Enzymes allow for a “bad microbe” free, chlorine free hot tub. Second, the product has a negative charge which adheres to your hot tub or spa, including in the pipes, and stops anything else from adhering to the surfaces once it has done so. The result is a true alternative to chlorine in hot tub or spa options.

If you need to find natural spa supplies for a chemical free spa or, rather, a chlorine free spa, you can access our chlorine free hot tub treatment and non chlorine spa treatment by using the products link above.

We know some of us use the word spa rather than hot tub. For the sake of clarity our products are both natural spa chemicals allowing for chemical free spa water treatment, as well as being for hot tubs.

Hot Tub Chemical Test Strips

Just a quick word about hot tub chemical test strips. You know the ones. You dip them in the hot tub or spa water and mail or take them in to your local dealer. The run it through the little machine on the counter and it spits out a list of hundreds of dollars worth of products you need in order to avoid being eaten alive next time you take a dip. This might seem a little rhetorical but, we’re not fans. Bear in mind that the devices used to print out the product lists, are generally provided to the nice guy who runs the spa and hot tub sales floor, by the manufacturers of the products listed on your results print-out. Enough said.

Hot Tub Enzyme Treatment

Our natural hot tub enzyme treatment consists of just two parts. Natural Purge and The Natural. Natural Purge is a natural enzyme based hot tub shock treatment. Similarly The Natural spa treatment is easy enzyme based natural hot tub maintenance. So, while we cannot truly say that any effective conditioning treatment results in a hot tub without chemicals, these products do result in an all natural spa or hot tub. Certainly, using these formulas will result in a safe hot tub without chlorine or the many other chemicals you will likely need to fix the problems that chlorine can cause.

It seems strange to use a phrase like “all natural hot tub chemicals”, but in essence these naturally occurring enzymes that are found in nature and we have combined in our product, are essentially that. When we first developed The Natural and Natural Purge in 1995, we never imagined how many people would become interested in chlorine alternatives for hot tubs. Frankly, non chlorine sanitizer, and non chlorine spa chemicals in general were not really an option back then.

Hot Tub Chemicals For Sensitive Skin

One of the biggest frustrations of spa and hot tub owners, is that, while they love the relaxation and stress relief of their spa or hot tub, using chlorine can be incredibly hard on their skin.

Fortunately, The Natural and Natural Purge are the best hot tub chemicals for sensitive skin as well as a natural spa cleaner and organic hot tub treatment.

Always Improving Our Chemical Free Spa Products

Chemical free spa products seem to be popping up all over the web these days. It a far cry from our early years back in 1995. Non chlorine hot tub options are good because competition forces innovation. That’s our founder spends many hours every year on R&D. We know the hard work continues to pay-off because of the feedback we get from customers. Hot tub and spa owners, just like you send us emails, contact forms, and phone calls, just to let us know how great they think our non chlorine hot tub treatment is and to say nice things about our customer service staff.

If you’re interested in checking out what our most vocal customers have to say, you can check out our chemical free hot tub reviews by clicking the reviews link above.

You now know the difference between a no chemical hot tub and a no chlorine hot tub. You know that there is a natural alternative to chlorine and the chemicals that often need to accompany it. We hope you have gained a little insight about the way companies use test strips to drive sales. Finally, we really hope you will try our all natural, toxin free, “nasty” chemical free, organic spa and hot tub treatment products.

Thanks for taking time to read about our chlorine free hot tub chemicals. We hope you hear the sincerity of our commitment to you.

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